A mindful thinker, passionate wanderer, and dreamer who loves learning, exploring, observing, and documenting human stories and beauties with a camera.


AJung Kim (a.k.a AJ and Ribbon) is a former international NGO project professional and an independent documentary photographer and filmmaker. With her extensive multicultural and humanitarian field experiences in dedication to famine prevention and education development across Asia, she continues pursuing social value creation and global leadership development to drive and create a socially-conscious and culturally-sustainable lifestyle. She has been actively collaborating with local communities, global businesses, and multi-media creative teams. 

"Learn anything from my surroundings; Love everything around me; and  Live right now with no regrets of the past nor fears of the future."Welcome to my universe, explore my world and yours through the frames."

     AJ KIM


Photography | Videography| Media Production 


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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