[Book] Blooming: Transformative adventures of crazy, creative, and caring life stories in my 20s

Through personal journeys with doubtful life questions and complex cultural and social questions, the author discusses and shares personal development, the history of migration and colonization in East to West, North to South, contemporary topics including women's rights, black lives matter, inequality, and capitalism. To find answers about living a life, Blooming lets all readers take moments to reflect within and beyond, individually and collectively.

1. Introduction
2. Seoul, Korea
3. Mindanao, Philippines
4. Bangkok, Thailand
5. Delhi - Agra - Varanasi, India
6. Kathmandu, Nepal
7. Pokhara, Nepal
8. Moonkyung, Korea
9. Bodhgaya, India
10. Kolkata, India
11. Eastern China 
12. Namhae, Korea
13. Vancouver, Canada
14. Edmonton, Canada
15. El Salvador
16. Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
17. Managua, Nicaragua
18. Manila, Philippines
19. Pattaya, Thailand - Boracay, Philippines
20. Hanoi - Sa Pa, Vietnam
21. LA, U.S.
22. NYC, U.S.
23. Toronto, Canada
24. Mexico City, Mexico
25. Merida, Mexico
26. Valladolid, Mexico
27. Havana, Cuba
28. Hawaii, U.S.

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