Rising Sun

'I am dying to see the sunrise at Himalaya' and this strong instinct got me be on Nepali land in 3weeks.

After gaining very dynamic and exciting impression of Kathmandu for a week, the capital city with many heritage places, including my stolen camera episode, we finally headed out to Pokhara for hiking. The things remained in my mind were two and they kept lingering in my head; very friendly and helpful entire Nepali community that were searching taxi driver who stole my camera for 3days and the other was photos on my camera that I could review after finding my camera back. The photos were blurry and out of focused because the driver(or I'd say thief) might not be knowledgeable enough to manage the giant film material. What I clearly could see through blurred image was shabby clothes and peeled cement walls and dark places with some tables where apparently looked like his home. Some kids and ladies were posed and smiling, maybe his family. Going through camera memory card, I naturally sighed deeply and thought 'you bad ass, why didn't you sell this stuff right away and feed your family?' My camera came back to my hands though, I had to hold my heavy mind during the entire trip somehow. Probably, it had guilty feeling as well that usually comes from my greed initially.

9hours of local bus riding from 5am, Kathmandu-Pokhara, was pretty challenging passing through hills and hills and mountains within alpine region in cold dried weather. However, Pokhara was completely different from Kathmandu as peaceful and brighter atmosphere was filling the village in warmer beautiful sunlight. Bicycling the village, eye-contacting cow chilling in a shiny day, observing boats on the lakes, having nap for an hour, wow, how silent city it was. Golden lake little waves and sunlight reflection reminded me of old film, A River Runs Through It which is a story about life between father and son, on man perspectives. And later on, we signed up for Himalaya tracking, 5nights 6days course - round trip.

Very first 6hours of hiking was most intense which made me knocked down, then I got used to climbing. Also, it was long term of hiking with adjustment of temperature and air pressure, so every day 6-8hours of okay level of hiking and the rest of day was filled with eating and resting. As I went up higher, my instant coffee mix was swollen, water bottle was exploded once I opened it up, and my headache started. Yes, I heard so many tragedy as well like how people had died, how hard tracking it was, blah blah however, luckily I had never placed in danger. At my 4th day, I finally almost reached our destination, Punhill. I and Baburam, my Nepali hiking guide, started climbing up to reach the top of Punhil from 4am in the complete darkness with only tons of starts and a brightest moon right next to me, literally at my height as if I was on the different planet.

I was on the top of the mountain encountering most magnificent sunrise ever, Punhil, Himalaya as altitude 3210 meters. The heartbreaking nature color and grand horizontal sunrise scene was never be containable through camera lens but was heating my heart so hard. The only thing I thought and felt watching the rising sun was simply deeply appreciation of everything I had: my health, family, opportunities, time, surroundings, the taxi driver as well. Almighty nature always gets me bow my ego and gets human beings realize how weaker we are but how terribly arrogant we could be.

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