Time & Love

Processes in life, time-consuming?

"Slow-process and slow-pace is a necessary in parenting, socializing, and educating. Also, this does not simply mean 'time-consuming'.... 'Love' is a process that primarily implies 'time-consuming'. Being that saving times, speeding up times, or focusing on efficiency may the most inefficient on this process that damages on the essence of love."

This fresh and brilliant quote I read in 2009 blew my mind. I reflect myself and think that most of love relationships I experienced may be disposable or instant type of loves that crush on lust, desires, or any other curiosities. I thought I was unlucky in meeting men, but maybe I was the matter that couldn't hold patience in front of delicious looking burgers. I always rushed with my passion and honesty to setup plans, put things in action, solve curiosities, ask things straightforwardly and eventually make conclusion as quickly as possible - and yes, it was super effective in working, but in love relationship, never worked out and I didn't know my attitude was the black hole. Meh!

Process of learning and growing up

If somebody ask me whether I regret those dates and times... My answer would be Nos. I was younger, wilder, and very naive; I really liked them with my true heart. I could have been successful with a right one on right time, right away, however meanwhile I could experience those instant loves or painful weird loves only because I was there in those times being silly and raw myself. We are supposed to encounter certain expected stories during lifetime and those are the stories for me that gives me lessons and adventures to observe life deeper and wider. Mistakes got me grow up and form me as now. We get older and slower. Always the birth of best apples come with enough time to get ripen right by getting bothered by birds and worms as well as going through a variety of days with sunlights, winds and rains. I believe my best lover comes later; I will be the better lover in my own right process, may be soon.

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