Awaken All My Cells

The humid hot air touched my lung and shiny children's eyes penetrated my soul! Oh gush, is it real? these sort of places do exist? I kept saying and sincerely hoping by myself secretely this paradise never got destoryed ever in every my step in the village. Mindanao, the Philippines, I was luckily faced the green amazing hills and forest and people in 2007.

In the same sky various climates coexisted at the same time, rainbows came out quite often, purest rain drops wet whole my body but never annoyed me, local artists used colorful sands for their painting without such things like brushes or watercolors, they sang with breeze upon the hills - sometimes with own flutes which made most natural sounds as birds' song, my bare feet were massaged by soft chocolate color clay produced by mother land. All my cells that were usually exposed chemical, industrial, techological atmosphere got eventually awaken in small village Mampalanai where I reached after domestic flight to Cagayan de Oro, then approximately 5-7 hours of dizzy driving on unpaved roads. There were still under wars and religious conflicts between tribes so people were cautious with security issues and our stay was warned and protected by city officials and guards partly.

During the night, the festive time began gathering around bonfire and tribe members dancing and singing based on djembe beats. The beat always hit my mind and moved me up. Thousands of bright and beautiful stars were above me in the complete darkness, right up there! where seemed to be reachable only if I stretched my arms little farther.. Even the burnt smell with smoke every morning I experienced from our primitive kitchen was beautiful. And totally different types of bananas! short, fat, long, tiny and green, whatever they looked like and however they were cooked, bananas were richest and sweetest taste ever with some local coffee.

Unbelievable place, I do remind there and want to go back again. Unbelievable, this was in somewhere on the earth. Unbelievable I was there once in a life time.

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