Define Your Love

Seeking true loves..

Does each love have different shapes and formula or not?

Some of my dates have said they 'loved' me samely, verbally and literally, however, each of loves that I received and experienced was formed, processed and defined differently by them - or by us.

I have noticed there is fairly standard form of 'true love' that has been experimented, judged, and filtered by society. Media, dramas, movies and even my friends assert 'when men truly fall in love, they would do....blah blah' or 'If he truly ever loved you, he would have done... blah blah' or 'when you are on a serious date, the guy would do...' as if there must have been right answers about love.

Based on how others and major society crystallize loves, when there is no specified behaviour, stories, or words shared and conveyed between me and someone, should we consider that love isn't real love? Should I dump all truths and minds they gave me at moments?

Junk loves vs True loves

To be honest, I have already crumpled and trashed those different loves many times spontaneously by programmed my perception or social and psychological criteria of 'love'. However, everytime I did, what truly got crumpled was not the loves and true minds they showed me but me, my wounded heart. I pondered the one who didn't know how to love might be not them but me. After bidding farewell to painful self-disparaging conclusion of my love expriences, I have learned to respect our moments and their own style of loving expressed to me. Just because I ended up understanding the fact that each of us having immensely diverse backgrounds, histories, experiences, and the system of emotion tried one's best, and they truly and constantly told me 'love' with their own languages and words. As recycling all my trashed loves and looking back again those times, I get to appreciate authentic loves we shared and realize the value of attitude in listening to what he says and accepting them without any stereotypes or rash judgement.

Remained real facts

Interestingly, my pains mostly never remained regrets since it hid real my own truth; which is more important fact that 'If I also -not society, not soap opera heroine or my friends- was truly in love with you, I would never done like that to you, never concluded stories there...' I am the one who knows very well about me... So, nothing to hurt and get hurt but to learn and get better through our passionate times, through our sparks. Even if we ever decide to stop loving, that's just because his style of dialogue and language in loving may not for you - there's nothing wrong but different, plus, nothing lasts forever (sounds cliche though). Be free from anything restrictive whether it's own creations or social's, and keep finding.

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