Mothers, the super women

A girl, a woman, and a mother; very same and different three levels and positions of a female human which are aligned and intersected.

Interestingly, the gap between being a 'woman' and 'mother' is as big as from the sky to the land. Mother, who embraces all living beings with powerful love and take magnificent sacrifice. Mother, who has components of a girl and a woman at the same time forever.

I admire all mothers in this planet as I admire my mother. The letters we wrote for each other between my mom and me are approximately more than 100 pieces since I left home in 2007 as I began my own journey. The special connection between mom and daughter is indescribable even with thousands of words, thousands of pages because the depth of the connection and love is unreachable and uncomparable.

Girl, Woman, Mother

The young beautiful and talented lady was very sick with generative dysfunction, no menses for a year. Despite her infertility, things that are supposed to happen had happened on the night she tried to break up with a man. The man was crying and so she was. Something went wrong.. or things happened as their fate. His last drop of tears bore the baby. She decided to keep the life of a little being, inevitable relations with a man, and another baby after a few years. Every sorrowful moment seemed to gobble her up, she looked at the baby's big shiny and the purest eyes, she felt the connection through the channel of two souls and she met her soul and reached to her alter ego, and hugged both mom and baby.

The unexpected heavy weight of life emerged at her age 24, at the life stage of a girl, and she got to learn how to live and conquer her fears, worries, and loneliness as a mature woman and a most powerful mother. Baby knew everything through the channel, reflected from eyes to eyes. The baby knows all even before the life begins.

The baby, 24 years old young lady, became a woman, and sees her mother. She calls a woman

'mother' who is sometimes like a girl who could be simply happy with a corn icecream in a beautiful summer day. She stays in her mother's arms, mother's nest, and still feels the most comfortable and safest place to be.

Tears bring smiles, it remains till tears get dried, and again smiles bring tears, the cycle of life that we cannot resist, we cannot get out of being; the cycle between a girl, woman and a mother, the cycle between a girl, woman and a mother.

I, a selfish wanderer and dreamer,

have only one person that I can never be afraid of death for,

that I can give up no matter what I am doing and run to.

When I found her sincerely and realized she had been keeping her stay and love for me,

she was already weak and old having limits physically and timely; My amazing parent, best best friend, mom.

You gave me everything, health, talents, energy, grateful mind, guts, beautiful soul, and wisdom.

I would never be able to be an amazing woman like you, deep and soulful individual like you, and most caring loving mother like you.

I can never pay back the fortune you brought to me till the end of this life.

And most thankfully you got me change my fate I was supposed to track the cycle you walked along with pains and tears. Please don't ever think you were not good enough mom

because the existence of you complete my life.

I love you with all my heart. I admire you with whole my spirit.

I see and embrace your deep loneliness, tough times, weaknesses, fears, worries and wishes.

Throw all of them away to me, I will take them for you.

- a letter to mom

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