Definition of Food


What did you have for your lunch? how many times do you eat? why did you pick that specific supermarket for grocery shopping? how much do you spend for your foods? what would you buy among all various options? do you know where these foods are from? why do you eat them? or why would you cook them? who are the producers and consumers? how's the relationships? When I discussed about global issue, especially 'food' part with Dr. Kiran Toor, our conversation got never ended and my interest got triggered deeply.


Finally, video graph/interview is not my thing but I have grabbed my camera to try tracking Vancouver community closely in terms of food. 'Food' never means literally 'things' we intake, however, it indicates and implies so many different and complicated things at the same time as long as we are within societies we belong. It was so visible issues but so invisible since we never take things seriously and take them for granted. Then interviewing with Brent Mansfield who has been working in food researching and studying points out again and summarizes all questions, problems we oversee, and solutions that we must consider.


To refreshen our mind and rethink of food culture where is too materialized and industrialized including food-porn, supermarkets, mass processed/junk food, eating-walking, massive take-out culture than perceiving food as pure fuel, I will leave you with this video. The video is initially made for academic purpose in Global Issue study with Dr. Kiran Toor. Time to think we all!

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