Colorful Family

Days in Black, of Black

He showed me a shabby government document kept in his deep drawer. 'It stated occupation as 'farmer', by no means was he a slave - it's my father's'.

My Black friends often told me of their dramatic and movie-like family stories and their youthful anecdotes going through the game of life as a trouble-maker and a lonely yet social animal.

I would close my eyes and imagine as they expressed through their black stories, as youths of cutting classes, riding free, crossing borders and states, stealing, selling records on streets, watching a friend taken a bullet, running through the slums, feeling lonely, partying, escaping and chasing, and all other experiences that occur as they grow. Then my blue heart would beat hard. It was active history and a reality that my friends experienced whom lived every second in their black world within North America. It was painful and a bit shocking to know that the discrimination and paradigm shaped certain influential culture and social norms based on 'racism' and even worse it has forced groups of people to live in jeopardy; in fear of their lives for centuries. The fact that there has been generations of suffering through colonization, imperialism, and discriminatory culture till today. This bloody history has changed a lot by victimizing for peace and equality, yet till today, my friend's vehicle would get pulled over and almost automatically be suspected of something for no serious reason, oh no, there's a reason and it's primary - because they are Black.

Hate-feeling for differences

We all have different sets of neuroscientific formula on our mind-frames and react accordingly to how we perceive each situation and circumstance. We feel differently when we encounter other species or other humans based on individual's own perceptions and physical sense systems. Have you observed closely and noticed your little quiver or reactions in feelings when you met a different kin of humans? Your mind formula would react sensitively and automatically whether with negative signals or positive or no-sense signals. The scientific, psychological, and biological natural traits we have has always been forming cultures and life habits. Racism is one of the examples by how we observe different appearances and cultures. Despite the fact we can’t deny of our nature, there is crucial truth we usually oversee or take for granted; we all are from the same ancestor, have the same root, and eventually we are all the same family in the bigger sense of a human community regardless regions and semblances.

Sick human society; social outcast and black sheep

Every single human is a social animal, which means that an individual has an essential need to belong to groups and engage in relationships. Psychologists find that inclusion and feelings of belongingness motivate humans to function best and to overcome challenges of life; if not, an individual falls apart both mentally and physically with stress, loneliness, and depression as well as suffers from juvenile delinquency at the early stage of development, further, anti-social behavior and alcoholism. Black sheep study argues that in a general family where we consider as our first social contact of a community and where close relationship develop; when a child gets blamed by parents for being born, the child often experiences feelings of abandonment not just only physically, but also emotionally. The negative effects last longer that include a long-term period of bullying and later on being an outsider in a society due to deep loneliness and lack of attachment. It also results in an negative development of a human sense in establishing identity by excluding support, a sense of ‘presence’ to an individual.

Applying the above psychological findings to Black history and its present time, Black people historically have been undergoing traumatic feelings of being outcasts that are very obvious and painful. also the black sheep experiences among human family members. Some consider those social rejection and ostracism as social death penalty’. Antisocial behaviors or crimes performed by Black people are well-expected results and understandable socio-cultural symptoms when we look at the way humans treated the marginalized, what and how our ancestors and ourselves did to the particular groups of coloured people. In other words, the human community as a whole organism has been sick, angry, sorrowful, and lonely.

Special connection

Humans are capable of handling emotions as well as automatic spontaneous physical reactions if continuously practiced- for instance, handling common hate-feelings- the humankind has discriminated and led social outcast against colored family members, especially Black people. Without knowing the connections we have with other humans and other living creatures, one can damage oneself and others at the same time. Denying the existence of others or hating indicates denial of oneself in that we’re connected coming from the same root. Racism is from shallow-mind and superficial conception. To enrich culture and diversity by sustaining humanity, racism has to be eliminated because it misshapes cultures - ignoring what each creature means and values. I, my friends, your friends, and our entire mankind were born to appreciate diversity and special traits each life has. We were born to find more priceless values and to share with others under protected equality. Putting aside our judgement glasses that we wear to stop hurting us and to recover from social illness we've been baring. I truly think we - my generation has the responsibility to undo what ancestors did, so.. here I am trying to share and exchange some points.

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